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Avengers: Infinity War, is coming sooner than expected, getting bumped up to a week earlier than previously scheduled from May 4th to April 27th. There are zero complaints here. After the awesomeness that was Black Panther, I certainly want more MCU goodies. But today, we woke up to an absolute gem. The second trailer to Avengers: Infinity War has dropped and goodness it looks so good. There were nerd chills creeping up my arm as Thanos’ motives were explored in Gamora’s narration. And when Tony asked for his name, she responded in an almost timorous whisper…”Thanos”. Oof, someone get me a blanket!  Why are we so excited about some cosmic being coming to kill us?! Well, after nearly a decade of build-up to an impending threat, and our heroes spending all those years showing off just how heroic and capable they are when it comes to taking down bad buys and arms dealers on a live-long day, now something will arrive to challenge it all. And to make it worse, they’re divided after the events of Civil War.

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Check out this exclusive interview with co-director Joe Russo by Black Girl Nerds, along with his brother Anthony, has helmed the last two Captain America films (Captain America: Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War).

In the interview, Joe tells us the tone of this film, some intel about Thanos, and he says that one of the most compelling pairings in the movie is between Iron Man and Doctor Strange.


Jamie Broadnax for Fandango: Black Panther is still breaking box office records and is a film that people cannot stop talking about. As we now transition from the Avengers story in phase three, how much of Black Panther and Wakanda will we get to see in this movie?

Joe Russo: A brief bit. You know I think that Ryan did an incredible job with that film. It’s one of the great commercial films of the last decade. It’s such a rich character, it’s such a rich environment, there are so many rich characters in that environment that it was really a huge opportunity for us to be able to use utilize the world of Wakanda in Infinity War. Especially when you know these movies are about scale — are about this massive clash between our heroes and Thanos and Wakanda provides such a dramatic backdrop for it that there was no way it wasn’t going to be in the movie.

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Anyway, welcome to my new page, everyone. The name’s Dave (obviously), and I will be posting my own take on movies (new and old), TV shows and much more with a little twist of what I would’ve liked to see done differently. Take note: I’m not a critic. I’m just a fan. And I love talking about films…er…writing about them…for now. So, go and get your tickets for Infinity War now because this film is gonna break records on April 27th!