Ready Player One…Not What I Expected

Just saw Ready Player One and…it’s something else indeed.

Nostalgia used to be a major weakness for me. Throw anything at me from the 80s and I would eat it right up. And don’t even get me started on 80s music. But the older I get (a young and vibrant 40 ),  I found myself caring less and less about all of that. Call it acceptance of the way things are valued today when it comes to making a good movie. The fact always remained that I just simply love films of all kinds. However, I do take notice when something is produced out of Hollywood that stands as nothing more than a cash grab.

All of this is to say, I didn’t know what to think of Ready Player One when first hearing about it. (Note: I did NOT read the book. But I did just buy it. I might let you guys know what I think once I’m finished with it.) Is this just some thrown-together Tron wannabe film meant to get people my age in seats just because of the nostalgia factor? Wasn’t looking forward to that. But then I heard that Steven Spielberg was directing it. Now, you have my attention. Speilberg is one of my absolute favorite directors – second to…no one really. He’s the best!

I will tell you that Ready Player One is better than I expected. Nostalgia and pop culture references are everywhere and it worked in some areas.

They served the story’s purpose well, especially certain characters I won’t mention but many of you will recognize. You can find bits and points about the film itself everywhere on the internet. Here on Dave’s Films, I am simply going to tell you that it’s definitely worth your time, especially if you like 80s culture and video games in general.

ready player one

Is RPO better than the current critical king of 2018 that is Black Panther? In my humble opinion, no not for me. However, while Black Panther is historic in its own right, Ready Player One is a film that’s well-rounded for a sci-fi and you can see Steven Spielberg’s masterful print all over it. The feeling of real adventure, the action, and the visuals received the Midas touch of Spielberg.

If you’re worried about the CGI, I don’t blame you. I’m not a fan of overused CGI in any film, but it also has to make sense. As you can tell by the trailers, there’s a ton of it in RPO. While it can still be overwhelming at times, not only does it look good, it’s used very well and – more importantly – serves the story.


What I Like About This Film

The Villain (I really like Ben Mendelsohn), The Story is rich and well thought out, The Visuals and the Journey itself. I had a lot of fun with this film. The pop culture reference though jarring in some instances was overall well-received. As stated before, I can be a real sucker for it. Same is the reason I like Stranger Things (Season 2 more than Season 1), and the most recent incarnation of Steven King’s IT.

Yes, Hollywood knows this and is leveraging the whole 80s referencing niche in movies these days, but I just hope films don’t overdo it. Cause I’m afraid it can start to get stale – and that would suck. If I’m not mistaken, there was to be some Transformers reboot and/or Bumble Bee solo film set in the 80s. And isn’t Marvel Studio’s Captain Marvel supposed to take place in the 80s too? Though I’m more interested to see what Captain Marvel turns out to be, I can’t lie and say that all of this doesn’t worry me. We all know how Suits are. They see something work and they’ll milk it until it’s dust dry.


What Would I Have Done Differently

Come for me if you want, but I do not like Tye Sheridan. It’s somewhat hard to put a finger on. Maybe it’s his face. Maybe it’s just his performance in this film because I didn’t mind him as Cyclops in X-Men: Apocalypse. The characters themselves could’ve used more developing. The ending could’ve been better but I could say that about 95% of movies I like. Certain points of the story could’ve used more fleshing out. But the final products didn’t leave me disappointed in the end. Whatever changes I would’ve made, that is what’s important.

Treat yourselves and check it out in theaters when you can. It’s was a nice treat for me and I think it will be for you all as well if you’re a fan of this type of film.