A Quiet Place looks scary AF

A Quiet Place is looking like the next big scare!

Not to brag but I’m a tough crowd when it comes to horror films. You can’t get me with jump scares or creepy little girls standing at the end of a hallway. If anything, my wife scares me more than any horror flick we’re watching together. When she jumps out of her seat like a cat and screams like a banshee, I’m darn near out of my skin too.

But A Quiet Place aims to make a few arm hairs stand up regardless of if my wife is in the room or not. By the looks of things from this trailer, it appears we were hit by yet another alien invasion (Boy, are we obsessed with that or what). And we lost. Because there’s hardly anyone around, except for an isolated family of a father (John Krasinski – also the director and screenplay co-writer), a mother (Emily Blunt – my fourth wife – I wish) and two kids – a son and daughter played by Noah Jupe and Millicent Simmonds, respectively.

The first time I saw this trailer in theaters, I was sold. This scared family in a cabin, going far out of their way not to make a sound. “But why? What will happen if they…ohhhhhh. There’s something out there. Something that would undoubtedly kill them if they heard them. But what is it?” That question was all the intrigue I needed. Now that we’ve seen the final trailer, it reveals a bit more this time. Did it reveal too much? Hmmm, maybe a little for me. Not enough to complain about but I would’ve loved to go into this film only knowing as much as I did from the very first trailer.

a quiet place


The first time I saw this trailer in theaters, I was sold.

It’s almost a no-brainer that a film like this would involve creatures from another world – would’ve been my first guess, honestly. But this movie looks to be just as scary all the same. The premise that is “keep quiet by all means or we die instantly” is a playground for horror writing. One of the things I found most interesting was Krasinski’s choice to find a young actress who’s deaf in real life to play a deaf character, his daughter in the film. I love this. Including a deaf actress says volumes about Krasinski’s willingness to not only bring a level of authenticity to the film but to learn and understand from someone who lives it. I expect to see this depth and realness translate very well on film.

Then there’s Emily Blunt. That woman can act. Even in that god awful film Winter’s War, she still did her part with what little was given. To see what she can do with a nail-biting, cat jumping, boyfriend-punching survival horror like this is worth the price of admission alone. Her facial expressions could sell any scene and situation.

I mean, look at that face! Whatever the hell’s going on, I believe it! 

This film looks to bring some of its own ingredients in efforts to shatter any expectations you may have about its creatures. Apparently, these aren’t your typical monsters. Judging by some shots in the trailer, not only are these things virtually invincible to us, but they may not be using us for food either. Are they “body-snatching” us? Ok see, now I’m doing way too much speculating. So many questions!

I really hope A Quiet Place is great. It has all the makings to be. I want to be scared and startled. Not by my wife and not by the loud theatergoers. What’s needed is a genuine scare. Being first in line for a horror film in the theaters is not always my first choice. Most of the time, you can’t hear sh*t because of all the screamers. But then again, that’s where all the fun can be had when the film is good.

A Quiet Place releases this Thursday on April 5th, that last day my rent is due. See Ya there!