Cool Captain Phasma Figurine at a cool price!

Couldn’t help but treat myself to this Captain Phasma figurine. These large and rather expensive figurines of movie characters are the new fad today. Can’t say that I don’t understand why. They’re rather awesome. The attention to detail is amazing. My very first one happens to be Captain Phasma. Largely because she’s shiny. But also because she’s the one character I was most looking forward to in the new Star Wars films.

To put it mildly, I was disappointed with what they did with her – in both films. Sue me be thinking we were about to experience Space-Brienne on the big screen. If you want the true awesomeness that is Captain Phasma, you’ll have to read the book. And to let you know now, the book is awesome.

This thing would set you back around $250 if you get it from Hot Toys. But you can grab it here for $170 with free shipping. Hurry up though because there are only a few left in stock!


Captain Phasma Figurine