Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare Film | My Two Cents

The Truth or Dare film by Blumhouse is out. And…oh boy here goes.

It’s been said before and I’ll continue to say it – I’m no film critic. There are things film critics and pundits look for when reviewing a film. Usually, they have some sort of background in film or a foot in the industry. I don’t claim to be one of those. I am simply a fan who grew up on movies like many of you. And my articles will undoubtedly betray my age on numerous occasions. With all that said, some of my articles are simply to warn you not to waste two hours of your life on certain films. This new Truth or Dare film is one of them.

truth or dare film

After coming off a sheer masterpiece of a horror that is A Quiet Place, a new entry into the genre has some mighty shoes to fill. Not to say you have to be as good as A Quiet Place or Stephen King’s IT, but make us remember you at least. Truth or Dare did not impress me with its trailers. But I was willing to give it a real chance. For one second, I wanted to say the premise was good. But not really. Kids sit around playing truth-or-dare but somebody could die. I would’ve bet my entire baseball card collection that this would’ve sucked. However, it did spark my interest in a way because of how dumb it sounded.

As an everyday consumer, I use to put heavy faith into moviemakers and production companies. If a story got this far and people were willing to invest millions of dollars into producing a feature-length film, it had to be greenlit by some serious executives with vision, right? I mean, who would produce trash on purpose?

truth or dare film

Truth is (pun not intended but….why not), no one sets out to make a bad film. Good movies are almost impossible to make so when we get a good one, that’s one hell of a feat. Truth or Dare actually seemed to have some potential. There were scary points here and there, the characters made some Snapchat filter type of joker face when the game started (that was kind of freaky but became even dumber once the characters even referenced it that way), and the actors did a decent job for the most part.  But I must say that towards the end, something happens that literally destroys the entire film for me.

So in closing, I will say skip this one altogether. When it airs on HBO and you have nothing else on your itinerary, go ahead and let it play, I guess – I DARE you! But please don’t spend your hard-earned cash. Go and see A Quiet Place instead, if you haven’t already. Or wait for another horror on the horizons and come back here if you want to know if it’s even worth your time.