The Deadpool 2 Trailer is out and I’m losing my damn mind!

Waking up to the Deadpool 2 trailer has positioned the rest of my day to be Epic! And it’s raining…and Cold!


The first Deadpool film was awesome. It’s not for everyone either. My wife hates poop and fart jokes. In fact, I’m not the biggest fan of them either. When I saw the trailer for Deadpool’s first movie, I geeked out because I’m already a fan of the comics. My wife asked, “What the hell is a Deadpool?” I replied, “Think of him as a flamboyant, anti-superhero zombie in an r-rated world and loves to make fun of pop culture.” Not the best rundown I admit but the r-rated thing peaked her interest well enough. If you didn’t know anything about Deadpool, the poop-and-fart-jokes takeaway would probably be your first impression watching the trailer. I would like to believe that if you’re like my wife but decided to give it a shot, you’d love it like she did. Because Deadpool is f***ing hilarious.

The character’s shtick has always been the fourth-wall break – and I love that. There have been a few films when a character would break the wall, often times in a comedy film. The first one that comes to mind is Eddie Murphy in Coming to America – when he tells his queen-to-be to bark like a dog, she does it, and he looks at the screen for one second like “really?”. Makes me laugh every time. So, I’m already a sucker for the fourth wall break. Deadpool is an absolute master of it.

deadpool 2 trailer
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It’s rated R, it’s raunchy, and I love it. Ryan Reynolds was BORN to play the Merc with a Mouth. I can think of no one better. And Ryan is the sole reason why we have a Deadpool movie in the first. The man literally lobbied for this thing by making a video of himself playing the character. Studios would not have greenlit this project without his influence. Because let’s face it, for some reason the bigwigs believe that “comic-book” movies are only for kids. WRONG!

Funny thing is when I saw Ryan Reynolds in that god-awful Blade: Trinity film (notice how I refused to tag this film for your library. Do NOT consume this tragedy of a film), I thought “Hmmm he’d make a good Deadpool” – no seriously. Deadpool was one of my favorite comi…


You’re rambling again, Dave. What’d you think of the new trailer?

The new Deadpool 2 trailer made me laugh so hard, I’m almost satisfied…none of that sounded right. Whatever! The Thanos reference, the DC Universe reference, the One-Eyed-Willy reference (The Goonies), the action, the new characters, and my boy Terry Crews! I cannot WAIT for this damn movie! I’m crazily excited just writing about it! – In case you couldn’t tell.

deadpool 2 trailer
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Even the decision to use LL Cool J’s “Momma Said Knock You Out” song for the trailer was just perfect. And then there’s “powerless Peter” at the end of the trailer, some random nobody who wants to join the team – to whom Deadpool decides to let in the group. I’m already cooked. Aw hell, check out the trailer for yourselves if you haven’t already!

I wonder whose decision it was to include the scene with Deadpool slicing the bullet in half like he did in Wolverine: Origins. Had to be Ryan Reynolds. The man’s a genius when it comes to this property. If and when Disney “consumes” these IPs, I really hope they don’t change up the Deadpool franchise too much. The R-rated freedom is the cog in this machine that shouldn’t be removed, in my humble opinion. There’s quite a bit you can do with PG-13, but this franchise has established itself very well in the R family with the jokes and gore.

Did I mention how badass Cable looks? Josh Brolin is having the time of his life right now in the comic movie run playing both Thanos and Cable. Many of us were hoping for Stephen Lang to play Cable, which would’ve been awesome, but I think they made a very good decision going with Josh.

Deadpool 2 releases in theaters on May 18th in the US.

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