The Smallfoot trailer made me smile…A lot

Didn’t see this Smallfoot trailer coming. But I’m glad it is.

Smallfoot is a new animated film from WAG (Warner Animated Group) starring Channing Tatum, Zendaya, Common and Lebron James among others. Channing voices the main character who’s a Yeti and discovers a human after crash landing in the mountains. Apparently to the Yeti, he’s a “monster”. But also finds the human cute because of his pint size, until he notices the feet.

Admittedly, I wasn’t sold at first. The play on the Bigfoot/Smallfoot is pretty clever. But animated comedies are well known for their goofy, clumsy protagonist falling and bumping everywhere for laughs. Not a big fan of that because that’s clearly for the kids. That’s how it started out. When the human first lays his eyes on the Yeti and screams at a “higher” pitch and the Yeti screams back with a big roar (my first chuckle), it was obvious this would be the tone of the film – everything’s in reverse. To the Yeti, we’re cute little monsters but to humans they’re…well….Monsters.

smallfoot trailer

All the while, Yeti Tatum can’t help but be intrigued. When he tries to tell his village about his findings, they don’t believe him – as would be the case in reverse. However, there happens to be a group of Yetis who do believe him, because they have proof! Calling themselves the SES (Smallfoot Exist Suckas – my second chuckle), they show him their proof which is only a coat and a roll of toilet paper. But Yeti Tatum doesn’t think that’s good enough. So, he embarks on a journey to find REAL proof. Then, decides to take a leap off the cliff. It was here….that I laughed.

So, you’re going to explain the whole trailer that I can easily watch for myself or…?

Yes! So shut up and read. Where was I? Yeti Tatum finds a human in a town and attempts to communicate with him. Since they can’t understand each other, the Yeti comes off as a snarling beast and the human, a squeaky little rabbit. It was here….that I laughed again.  I like how the Yeti is just so taken by the humans’ cuteness while being a little freaked out at the same time. Then some random goat sees the Yeti and lets out a scream of his own. That was my third laugh…which means that I’m officially seeing this film. There’s a second short trailer that shows the Yetis around a camp fire with Yeti Tatum telling his story to children. The concept of small feet and hair only on the top of the humans’ head really creeps them out. And it was here…you guessed it…I laughed again!

smallfoot trailer

Choosing Don’t Stop Believing by Journey was a perfect choice for the music. That song always makes me smile when I hear it and it definitely sets the right tone for what this film seems to be looking for.

I liked the Smallfoot Trailer a lot. It looks like a legitimately funny animated film. There wasn’t much shown from the human side but I expect that to change since James Corden is voicing the human-from-town. Smallfoot comes out in September of this year. Count me in!





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