Luke Cage Season 2 is Coming and I Can’t Wait!

The trailer for Luke Cage Season 2 is here and people are talking!


When Marvel revealed the first season of Luke Cage last year, it literally broke the internet. Many deemed it as overrated but I disagree. Luke Cage is a pretty darn good show. But it had its problems. Personally, I didn’t like how they chose to dispatch Cottonmouth – he was a great villain and could’ve been something much more. Secondly, I wasn’t a fan of the main antagonist Diamondback. Once he showed it, it started to feel like a CW show. Lastly, the latter episodes started to pale overall as a result. The best thing about Luke Cage was its soundtrack.

luke cage season 2

One could also complain about Luke’s fighting. Keep in mind that this man is virtually indestructible and incredibly strong so there are very few who could go toe-to-toe with him. However, after seeing the trailer for Luke Cage Season 2, it looks like the producers heard us.

This season looks to introduce a rather menacing and worthy villain who goes by the name of Bushmaster. Not only does he seem to be as strong as Luke, but also has the fighting skill to back it up. The late Reg E. Cathey appears in the trailer as well. I’m guessing he’s playing another villain but nonetheless, it’ll be great and saddening to see him one last time.

luke cage season 2

Also returning is Misty Night (my 11th wife) and Rosario Dawson (my 21st wife) reprising their supporting roles. Though according to Misty, Luke’s the sidekick this time around. Good to see her getting some real action, and no I’m not talking about “coffee”. Freaks…

I’m excited about this 2nd season of Luke Cage. I was not a fan of The Defenders one bit but I’ve been waiting to see Mr. Bulletproof do his thing again. It looks like Luke is up against the most challenging situation he’s ever been in. Luke Cage Season 2 releases on Netflix June 22nd.


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Yo, let’s Air it out. That Luke Cage trailer might be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen