The Happytime Murders Trailer is plain Nuts (Red Band)

Figuratively, this trailer for the upcoming crime-comedy The Happytime Murders Trailer punched me right in the face. I did NOT see it coming.

And it’s one of the very few films to show their trailer in the movie theater before it hit the web. How they managed to pull that off, I will never know. All I know is The Happy Time Murders Trailer gave me a good laugh.

If you ever wondered if they would make an R-rated movie with Henson muppets, congratulation – you lived long enough to see it actually happen. When they say that any movie idea has the potential to be a good film, they’re not kidding. This film looks to be a gas! But I’ve been wrong before…a lot!

the happytime murders trailer

Starring Melissa McCarthy, Maya Rudolph, and a few other familiar faces and voices, Happytime Murders looks to be about a murderer going around killing muppet! And I do mean the Jim Henson, Kermit the Frog and the gang, muppets.  No word if Kermit and friends are actually in this film but they’re definitely from the same factory, at least.

If I were in a boardroom and the idea of a Happytime was pitched to me, I would greenlight it on the point, whilst expecting a crash-n-burn result. Even in theory and/or on paper, this seems so darn interesting, I still find myself chuckling at the concept. Watching the red band trailer, it’s quickly obvious this ain’t for the kiddies. Profanity and adult-themed punchlines are everywhere. So, you’ll want to accept that and take this film for what it is.


the happytime murders trailer

So, in the alternate world, puppets are accepted as a co-existing race of sentient beings. Chasing a serial killer who’s targeting muppets, is a muppet ex-cop looking to avenge his brother. Seems like your average 80s action drama so far. He essentially teams up with a human detective (Melissa McCarthy) to solve the serial murder mystery.

the happytime murders trailer

As we can tell, the delivery is going to be the most important ingredient in this film. Everything about this film looks stupid, but that’s the magic. All this movie has to do is make us laugh. The trailer already did that for me. But a film like this (quirky and stupid) doesn’t have to do much to fall flat on its face. Comedies by nature fly with more turbulence than any other genre – so the landings have to be all but perfect. And these kinds of r-rated, sperm-squirting comedies tend to go a meter too far for many viewers. My hopes for Happytime Murders are high so I’m hoping the studio knows how to produce good landings with this one.

Happytime Murders open in theaters on August 17, 2018


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