Spawn Reboot cast Jamie Foxx as the big guy? Yea sure why not?!!

It’s official guys and gals. Jamie Foxx, one of my favorite standup comics ever, will join Todd McFarlane’s Spawn reboot cast as, you guessed it, Spawn!

If you don’t know who Spawn is, I need to get a picture of that massive ass rock you’ve been living under – for my records. Spawn happens to be another one of my favorite comic book characters. The animated series on HBO was all but perfect in my book. The film…not so much. It could go down as a guilty pleasure, perhaps. But goodness, have you guys seen that film lately? The CGI is some of the worst.

Michael Jai White is one hell of a martial artist. Not the best actor but I almost don’t care because he looks so good on-screen kicking ass. In theory, he would be a great Al Simmons (Spawn). In the film’s execution, he wasn’t bad. But the production behind him did him no favors. John Leguizamo as The Violator/Clown was spot on, the best part of the movie.

There’s been talks of a new Spawn for a while but very little in lighting the fire until recently. People have been hollering for Michael to return as Hell’s General but come on, we all know that wasn’t going to happen. First, you would have to make a sequel to the original. And let’s face it, Spawn needed a reboot – especially after all this time.

spawn reboot cast

Jamie as Spawn? My initial reaction was “UGH”. But with more thought…it could work. I mentioned before that I’m not the biggest Jamie Foxx fan when it comes to his acting. (That Ray performance though). And I can think of a few others that he did just fine in. But Jamie has an uphill battle to get me onboard. I’m talking Mount Everest. From the character’s depiction in the comics, Keith David’s awesome voiceover work from the animated series, and Michael Jai White’s presence that we’ve all grown used to from the live-action film, I just don’t know if Jamie can pull off the intimidation factor of Spawn himself. I hope he proves me wrong. Really I do. But I’m scared. Someone get me a blanket to wrap myself in until this movie comes out.

How do you all feel about Blumhouse and Todd McFarlane’s Spawn Reboot cast for Jamie Foxx? Let me know on the Facebook page.