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I’ll be the first to admit the first trailer for Blumhouse’s Upgrade movie reminded me of Venom with Tom Hardy – a little too much.

It didn’t help that the main character himself reminds me of Tom Hardy. But the film’s concept was rather interesting, enough so to help me see beyond the initial comparisons and give this movie a real chance. I’m here to tell you guys, I liked this film a lot!


upgrade movieIf you’re a fan of some good and crazy sci-fi like me, then chances are you’re going to like the Upgrade movie too.  Now, the film may come across as cliché at first from the usual motivation beats – guy’s wife gets killed, guy survives and now seeks revenge. But that’s where the cliché stops and things get interesting. As you can tell from the trailer, our main guy has a chip implanted into his head after being paralyzed and the chip, equipped with some witty A.I.(STEM), gives our once paraplegic hero (Grey Trace played by Logan Marshall-Green) some crazy abilities. If you’re a writer, your head has to be racing with a thousand things you could do with that synopsis. When (STEM) kicks in, it takes total control of Grey’s body and kicks the crap out of anyone in his way.

upgrade movie

And I just loved the way Grey reacted to dispatching his enemies while having no control. It was also surprising to see how much meat this movie had. The main character has layers, there’s some unexpected comedy that worked, some tugs on the heartstrings, and I left feeling pretty satisfied. Moreover, I’m actually a fan of a good revenge plot. Hollywood hasn’t been knocking’em home with those lately. But this film brings hope to the trope.

I highly recommend Upgrade for the casual thriller fans. Not a perfect film but it definitely deserves a place in my collection.


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