The first Bumblebee Trailer may have transformed my hopes for the franchise

If you haven’t seen the new Bumblebee Trailer, it’s time to change that state of affairs.

The first Transformers movie by Michael Bay is very good in my book. The others that followed, not so much. And that last one, The Last Knight, was just god awful. Maybe Hollywood should refrain from naming a movie “The Last” anything. When I heard they were making a spin-off movie around Bumblebee taking place in the 80s, I pictured a room full of morons just spitballing ideas around looking for an excuse to butcher another Transformers film. The top it off with peanuts, they include John Cena. Yea, I pretty much checked out. But you know me, I’m a fish biting plastic, even though I know it’s plastic. (worst-analogy-ever)


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The very first official Bumblebee trailer was released this morning and…it was pretty damn good! I actually got a few chills watching this trailer. Like, can this be the first good Transformers since the first film? Dare I say, could it be better? It looks like Bumblebee from the Bay films. He still can’t “talk” like the old Bumblebee, but there are some very slight (and obvious) differences. Even when he gets ready for battle, he seems to put on a different, and cooler, face.

I really can’t put my finger on it but this trailer gives me hopes I didn’t expect to have, particularly for the franchise. You can feel the film’s heart in this trailer. It seems that this film is not all about the Bay explosions and bad comedy. It’s like that movie Reel Steel with Hugh Jackman (great movie, by the way) but…Transformers. Bumblebee could very well serve as a soft reboot if they wanted. I’m not sure if that’s the course they’re taking but Wow.

A trailer’s purpose is to get you excited about the film it’s showcasing, right? Well, consider this a success! Cause I am more excited about this film than I have words for. Perhaps because I grew up on Transformers and have spent so many years being disappointed with the trash Michael Bay has given us, I just became indifferent. And now that childhood fire has been lit again with hope. And we know our kids are gonna love Bumblebee! This new (old) one is even cuter…

Then Watch…this movie will suck and I’ll be devastated, falling back into the deep depression of dark indifference.


Bumblebee releases on December 2018


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