Titans trailer unveiled at San Diego Comic Con is DARK!

Going into the new Titans trailer, I had a certain expectation.

From high praise of Robin’s suit to heavy backlash over Starfire’s crumby outfit to name a few things, it was almost obvious that this series was going to be a disaster upon arrival. But you know me, I’m still going to give it a shot. Once the trailer begins, just by the color palettes alone, I raised an eyebrow. But once Robin said the words “F*** Batman”, my entire body twitched and my brain froze. (Um…Robin? What do you mean F’ Batman??) Suddenly, Robin started shooting goons with their own guns and breaking necks!


The Titans trailer is DARK

Moving forward, this trailer just got darker and darker. Even Starfire looked better while in motion and using her powers. You know what, I liked this trailer! Partly because I’m a fan of darker toned comic films – when done right, of course. But also because it was a pleasant surprise.

That’s what I love about the Dark Knight so much (Still can’t believe it has been 10 years). Christopher Nolan, the genius that he is, didn’t set out to make a superhero film first, he concentrated on making a good crime/ drama. People wanted to jump on calling it “dark” without fully understanding what the film was really trying to do. Producers of game adaptations should take note of this too. “Titans” is giving me that feel right now.

Turns out, this Titans show is DC’s way of trying to get us to sign up for their streaming service, which is supposed to launch sometime during the fall of 2018. Pre-ordering is available for an annual subscription of $75.



If you’re surprised by this, don’t be. Before you know it, EVERYONE is going to have their very own streaming service. If you think you’re paying out the bum for cable now, give it time. These streaming services are just going to keep adding up.


Is this Canon?

Who knows. I honestly don’t care if it’s canon to the films or not. I’m definitely looking forward to Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker movie and other else-world movies they’re planning. So, I’m just looking for is a good film/series. Hopefully, this series is good. But I’m not committing to buying any extra streaming services on top Nexflix, Amazon, and Hulu just yet.

What do you guys think about the Titans Trailer? Did you like the dark tone they’re going for?  Are you going to get the DC Streaming Service to see it? Let me know on my Facebook Page!






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