The MEG movie – What is it about Shark Films…

If we’re being honest, The MEG movie was doomed to fail when it was first announced.

A movie about a giant shark, starring action star Jason Statham that cost roughly $150 M to make? Sounds like a recipe for disaster.  Well, I’m here to tell you that even though the numbers may not add up when it’s said and done at the box office, The MEG movie isn’t bad. 

What’s good about it?

Jason Statham in The MEG Movie
Honestly who I came for

The obvious – Jason Statham. The man makes you believe he can do anything. The others I didn’t care much about. I did take notice of Ruby Rose because it was recently announced they she will be playing Batwoman in the DC-TV Universe. I almost wish the project was a motion picture, but that’s another article. And, needless to say, she’s gorgeous. 

Ruby Rose in The MEG Movie
Hey there, Batwoman! 

The Evil Shark 

The Megalodon was serious. He didn’t scare me like JAWS did, did just Wow. Guess those millions had to go somewhere, eh?


The Movie Didn’t take itself too seriously

Which is probably what saved this movie from sucking completely. Not to compare a fruit to a fruit but remember that bad film Jupiter Ascending? Now, imagine that film was a little more self-aware, poked some fun at its ridiculousness, and not try to be some grand epic. Would’ve made for a much better film. The MEG pulled that off rather well. 

Alright. So What’s Bad About It?

Mostly the pacing, which seems to be a running theme these days. This film is like a 90’s action flick. That’s not a bad thing at all in my opinion. But it simply doesn’t have a lot of meat. The good thing is, you realize very quickly that it’s not suppose to. 

Should I Spend My Time and Money?

Like any movie, that depends on what you came to see. If you like an ordinary, action flick that makes no lamentations or apologies – and you like Jason Statham, then Yes. If you’re looking for something to blow your socks off and leave you with a lot to talk about, keep it moving and wait for HBO. 

What Would You Rate It?

The MEG Movie has enough going for it to be an enjoyable experience for me. It won’t get the new Popular Oscar Award that may get introduced. I don’t even know if I’d buy it on blu-ray. But I will definitely turn to HBO when it premieres and watch it again. With that said, I give it a….

Now that Dwayne has his Skyscraper 90’s action and Jason counters with The Meg, I’m more than ready to see Hobbs and Shaw. 

The Meg is in theaters Now!

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