Green Book Trailer – Trailer of the Year so far

The Green Book trailer was so good, it actually gave me goosebumps

It’s so good to see Viggo Mortensen again. He’s a phenomenal actor and has been around much longer than many people realize. From Crimson Tide (One of my favorite movies of all time) and G.I. Jane to The Lord of the Rings trilogy and Eastern Promises to name a “few”, the man is a badass. Then to see him in an upcoming film alongside Mahershala Ali (Cottonmouth), it’s all but guaranteed to be a treasure.

This new Green Book trailer is evidence of that. Here, we have Viggo playing an Italian bouncer who seems to be taking the role of protector for a Black Pianist, played by Mahershala in the deep south of the 1960’s. Yeah, you already know what kind of ride this will be, right? Well, not so fast.

While this may seem like another racially charged drama we’ve all seen before, with degrading expletives thrown every which way to Sunday, this film seems to be more of a comedy-drama. Judging by this trailer, the film focuses on two men forming a powerful friendship in the face of prejudice. We see Viggo’s character taking up for Mahershala on more than one occasion in the best way his character knows how- by knocking people on their butts.

There’s also a moment in the trailer where the two bump heads over what seems to be identity and/or pacifist issues. With the Italian bouncer trying to wrap his head around the way the Pianist thinks and handles situations. I can see that being a very poignant conservation for several reasons, one being to bring light to what Black Americans had to deal with in 60’s by not only racist whites but by their own people. And just as importantly, a white man trying to understand in his own way. Great Stuff!

I have to say, this trailer truly gave me goosebumps. Not just because of the narrative but also because of its spirit. To project that spirit even through a movie’s first trailer not only shows the talent of the producers but also the quality of the film itself. You can’t hide art – and that’s what this film looks to be. 

Congratulations, Universal. This movie looks so good from its first trailer that I’m already putting my money on a potential Oscar nomination. 

Green Book is currently set to release in the US on November 21, 2018