The Halloween Trailer is good…outside of Jamie Lee Curtis

The first Halloween trailer that was released some time ago was pretty good. This second one is much better. But there is one thing that’s making my armpits itch – and that would be Jamie Lee Curtis’s character. Allow me to clarify.

Michael’s no easy quarry, hun.

Before I get full-on into my reasoning, let me start by saying that I love what they’re doing with revisiting the franchise. The new “reboot” approach in Hollywood seems to be trimming away the sequels and picking up in the franchise where it started to go south. For example, the new Terminator picking up after T2 and disregarding all the others thereafter. I like this approach a lot. 

Back in those days, many sequels were done for ALL the wrong reasons. And where an initial film would be groundbreaking, the studios’ rush to put out a lackluster sequel would all but destroy the magic of the first film. And what would they do? They would keep putting out bad sequel after bad sequel hoping that one would stick. Halloween suffered the same fate. 

I didn’t feel like the first Halloween was the best horror since whenever, but it became a classic in its own right. But for me, it only got worse. I just like  Michael Myers because he’s a bad-ass with a scary mask. 

Michaels Myers himself from the new 2018 Halloween Trailer
Slight changes in the mask, and I likey

Wasn’t a fan of that H2O film either. You know, that one they released back in 1998 with Jamie Lee reprising her role? They attempted the same “Trim” trick with this film as well – dismissing all other Halloween(s) after the second franchise film. In that film, Jamie was more…capable. Ready to take on her brother to protect her son. It wasn’t a bad movie but…it didn’t do it for me. We’re not even going to talk about Halloween: Resurrection. UGH!

She ain’t playin

That’s somewhat my problem with this installment. It looks like more of the same H2O stuff with Jamie Lee being an older bad-ass Myers hunter. I’m just not a fan of that narrative. To be clear, I love Jamie Lee Curtis. She’s a great actress, sexy and I love that she’s back but…I really wish they had gone a different way.

Michael Myers looks awesome and scary as usual. The kills look to be as brutal as ever, the classic musical theme returns – this new Halloween trailer is a really good trailer in itself. But I will not be surprised if this film turns out to be mediocre. Rest assured, however, I will find out first hand. In other words, I’m definitely still buying a ticket!

Halloween releases in theaters October 19th 2018.