The Nun – My 2 Cents on this…horror flick

I went into this movie expecting to be freaked out. There is something I can’t explain about The Nun demon. Everything is wrong with a nun that’s a demon. Guess that’s the whole point.

When VALAK was introduced in The Conjuring 2 for the first time, I was legitimately freaked out. Hearing about a spin-off centered around this Nun monster did not come as a big surprise. The outcome was, however – and not in a good way.

The Nun was not a BAD movie, but there are some bad things about it. Namely, the dialog. As a kid, I use to write short stories just because I enjoyed creating worlds on paper. Even today, I’m not the best writer. But The Nun’s writing reminded me of my earliest days of writing. Yea, it was that bad. 

Secondly, if you know me, you know I HATE jump-scares. When the Scream movies were most popular, I remember being one of the few in my crew who absolutely hated those films – mostly because it was littered with jump-scares. This film had so many damn jump-scares, you start to become clairvoyant – you’ll see them coming a mile away. 

The Nun being naughty
The Nun Playing Around with her Prey

Is there anything you DO like about it, Dave?

Well, yes. The main character, Father Burke – played by Demián Bichir – did an excellent job. And there are a few scenes that were legitimately good and scary. But the flaws, especially the awful dialog, were just too heavy to make for an overall good film. 

So, what rating would you give it?

Being that I love The Conjuring Universe as a whole, the first Annabelle notwithstanding, I would have to give The Nun….drumroll, please……

I would go to see a sequel to The Nun if they aimed to make one. Even though this film may not be well received critically, it did make a lot money. That’s due in no small part to Annabelle Creation’s critical success. And I doubt The Nun will have legs. But with a few tweaks and a better story, I’d be willingly to give a Nun sequel a chance.