The Newest Bumblebee Trailer – My Two Cents

The newest Bumblebee trailer has just dropped and I have to say, it’s given new hope for humanity. Yes, it’s that serious. Judge me.

The New and Improved Bumblebee

Allow me to step into my Nerd phase and say that this Bumblebee trailer looks to be the Transformers we’ve all been waiting for. The Transformers characters themselves are looking more like their G1 counterparts, which is a great thing. I wonder how much “easier” it must be for the visual effects people? Maybe it’s not – I know nothing about the profession. But they look…smoother – easier on the eyes.

Optimus Prime is back and looks a lot more like our guy fro the 80s. Love it!
Now that’s more like it! Shockwave and Optimus Prime in their…prime. 

Sure, we’ve been here before discussing high hopes for Bumblebee since the first trailer dropped. But this shows us more Autobots, more Decepticons, scenes on planet Cybertron (finally!) and even our beloved Optimus Prime, with the immortal Peter Cullen returning for the voiceover. I must admit, Peter not returning was one of my worries. Mr. Cullen IS Optimus Prime, dammit! 

Look at Soundwave. Look! Awesomeness!

It was rumored before that Hasbro was looking to make the Bumblebee film into a reboot of the franchise, instead of just a prequel of the same. Word is, that’s exactly what they’re doing. A few months ago, The Hollywood Reporter reported on Paramount removing the 7th Transformers film from its schedule, which tells you all you need to know right there. 

Very much looking forward to the Hasbro Universe.
Watch out for the Hasbro Universe. They’re not playing around.

It doesn’t end there. Hasbro seems to be deadly serious about moving forward with their Hasbro Universe, will full intent on setting up a crossover with their other properties like GI Joe and more. 

If that’s the case, they seem to be off to a good start by the looks of Bumblebee. Of course, the movie could still be trash. But when it appears that the movie makers are finally listening to the fans and respecting the source material while managing to also make their own film, it gives us the hope we all deserve to have after so many disappointments. 

The new Bumblebee Trailer is everything.
Hailee Steinfeld meeting her new friend, and Bumblebee his.

Could Hasbro be one of the very if not the first to successfully pull off a Shared Cinematic Universe aside from the Juggernaut that is Marvel? I certainly hope so. That’s just more good stuff for us fans. Sorry WB/DC, you had your chance. Now let’s see what Hasbro can do!

(Forgive me for the DC jab. I’m just angry at them for the moment)

Bumblebee releases in theaters on Christmas.