Halloween 2018 Delivers. It’s the sequel we all deserve!

In an age of remakes, one could be forgiven for having a fair amount of pessimism. I’m glad to say, Halloween 2018 did NOT disappoint. 

Halloween 2018 delivers

If you read my previous review of the Halloween Trailer, you’ll know that one of my fears was Jamie Lee Curtis’ character, Laurie Strode (Michael’s “sister”). I thought she was going to be another Sarah Conner bad-ass who fears nothing. Well, I was wrong. She worked very well. Jamie was vulnerable but brave – damaged but determined.

Michael Myers is Back!

Michael Myers was brutal! Growing up, I can’t say that I was necessarily “afraid” of Michael. Of course, if he appeared in my kitchen in real life with a butcher’s knife…well you know. But I always found Michael to just be awesome. I felt the same about Jason Voorhees – the way they would sit-up after being knocked down, unfazed. *insert nerdgasm* In this film, I was genuinely scared of Michael Myers.

Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode taking on Michael Myers in Halloween 2018

How’s the Story?

The story was nothing to write home about but I’d say it was as good as I’d expect from the Carpenter camp. It all worked and it made enough sense – which is more than I could say about most of the other installments – especially Rob Zombie’s projects. 

My Favorite thing about the film?

Besides the scares and the murders, my favorite thing about this film is the music. Michael Myers classic theme is back but it’s…better! It’s more engaging, thunderous and brooding, all at the right times to set the mood and bring it all home. 

So, what’s the Verdict, Dave?

I proudly give Halloween 2018 a…drumroll please…

Being a Michael Myers fan (notice how I didn’t say Halloween – most of the movies are Meh), I was very satisfied with their latest incarnation. Making this a direct sequel to the original was a smart move that panned out nicely. 

Check out this interview by Fox 5’s Kevin McCarthy with Jamie Lee Curtis and the man himself, John Carpenter. Great stuff about where the music and the iconic Myers mask came from.