The Captain Marvel Trailer has dropped and…Yes!

First off, I’m a Redskins fan. I’m from DC so don’t judge. So, I was already here by default when the new Captain Marvel Trailer dropped. And let me tell you guys, I CAN NOT WAIT! 

See the trailer for yourself!

Brie Larson is beautiful. I don’t care what anyone says. And she’s one hell of an actress. Watching her opposite of Samuel L. Jackson is sure to be a treat. 

Beyond that, we already know there will be several characters returning because of the timeline. 

Not as helpless as she looks, eh?

Hopefully, everyone feels better about Captain Marvel punching the old lady on the train. Because Skrull Granny gave a little something back, didn’t she? 

Needless to say, Captain Marvel looks pretty darn powerful. Not only does she obviously have super human strength but she also surrounded by all kinds of colorful energy, shooting beams from your hands and flying through space, taking out aircraft like a cheat code was entered. 

The Captain Marvel trailer
The Starforce is ready for…something

I’ll be honest – I’m a little worried about Thanos. After seeing just how powerful Captain Marvel is after watching this film, I’ll be wondering just what Thanos has up his sleeves to at least make it interesting. 

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Captain Marvel releases in theaters March 8th, 2019!