Avengers 4 Trailer – Thanos’ Decimation

That’s right! The Avengers 4 trailer we were rumored to get this week has dropped. There are scores of goosebumps on my arms right now. 

After Infinity earlier this year, we were left with a bucket load of questions. “What does it mean to be dusted? Are the characters who disappeared truly dead? How are they announcing sequels to those dusted characters if they are dead? If they’re not dead then what was the point of it all?” As Cap would say, “I can do this all day. 

Avengers: End Game Trailer is Here!

That amount of mystery is going to drive the movie-going audience to find the answers and that is going to put a lot of butts in seats, especially for Captain Marvel to set things up even further. That’s what I believe, anyway. 

Tony Stark drifting in space in Avengers End Game
Tony hopelessly drifts in space.

This is a rather eerie trailer, pretty much what I expected. Tony Stark finds himself drifting in space, running out of food and air – leaving his last message in what’s left of his armor.

Captain America is heartbroken after the Snap
Aww Cap…You’re gonna make me cry, dude. 

Captain America and Black Widow completely heartbroken over the “Decimation“. By the way, that’s what they’re calling the Finger Snap now – The Decimation.

Thor grieving...and seething.
…Don’t know if Thor is sad or pissed? Look at those eyes.

Thor just looks done. Who can blame him. Not only did he lose everything, but he probably feels like it’s his fault for the Snap since he didn’t “Go for the Head”. 

Oh, and I almost failed to mention Thanos’ armor hanging in rest, as Thanos himself strolls serenely through a lush field, possibly relishing his work. 

The Armor of Thanos in Avengers 4 Trailer
Thanos’ Armor. Not like he used it much in Infinity War. Could this mean he’s preparing for battle?

And there’s our missing boys, Hawkeye and Ant-Man. Hawkeye looks like a wandering badass…and broken. Did he lose his family in the dusting too? Most likely. 

Hawkeye doesn't look happy. What happened?
Hawkeye’s out there looking like Green Arrow 2.0

During the course of the film, I expect to learn why the battle for the last stone was so isolated. Why wasn’t this on a World scale? We’ve been to this Alien invasion stuff before. Well…I’m hearing there a good reason for that. One that pushes the remaining Avengers to hide the truth of the Decimation from the rest of the world. We have to remember, the people of Earth know nothing of Thanos. Only that some strange donut appeared in the city, a few Avengers and aliens scrapped for a few minutes, and left. 

Is Shiri dusted too?
Wait…he got Shiri too?! Nooooo

See, that’s why I’m so excited for this film, because of where they left us. Half of the entire living universe is gone! We’ve never seen anything like this in cinematic history.

If you’re a comic geek, like me, we’re conditioned for over-the-top, multiverse-level threats like this. But the movie-going audience, I can only imagine. I almost envy the bliss of ignorance to how “cosmically ridiculous” these storylines can get. Well, I’m here to tell you that this only scratches the surface for comics. 

There's Scott! Wait...how did he get out of the quantum realm?
How, Scott? HOW?

Anyway, I have several questions too. Like, how the hell did Scott get back from the Quantum Realm? Who else will The Avengers have to deal with besides Thanos? Hell, is Thanos even going to be a major part of the film? “Thanos did exactly what he said he was going to do”- Black Widow. Are the dusted really coming back or are we going into alternate universe stuff? 

Ugh!! I can’t wait! Seriously!

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Avengers: End Game is schedules to release May 3rd 2019.