The HellBoy Trailer has arrived. OMG

We got ourselves a new, brutal clip of David Harbour in this Hellboy trailer and I think this reboot has the potential to rival Ron Perlman’s…maybe.

Our First Look at the new Hellboy

Yes you guessed it, I’m uber excited for this new Hellboy. I’ve wanted to see more of Stranger Things’ David Harbour ever since the first Equalizer film with Denzel Washington. Don’t ask me why. But I loved that scene when he cursed out Denzel for making him talk. “I am a F****** Deadman!” I believed him!

Hellboy Trailer is out and it delivers some excitement.
I can already tell this movie is gonna have its share of jokes. Hope it all lands.

We don’t know much about this reboot’s story but it looks like Mila Jovovich from those god-awful Resident Evil films may be the main antagonist. Good! I’m tired of seeing her flip zombies and spin-kick dead dogs.  

Mila Jovovich is gonna spinkick the hell outta Hellboy! Ok, I’ll stop

Judging by the trailer, the reboot still retains a good amount of humor. And, likely thanks to the success of Deadpool, this Hellboy is rated R!! Come on! This movie has got to be awesome, right?

I’d watch anything with Ian McShane in it.

Well, I gotta be honest about my concerns. David Harbour is looking a bit stiff, where Ron Perlman seemed to move a bit more natural in all that demon makeup. It’s all in the face too. It appears David is barely about to move his mouth when talking. Or is it just me?

Just another day for Hellboy. 

Beyond that, Ron’s version seemed to have more personality. But that’s not entirely fair to say just yet. Just stating my concerns. 


All the same, if I were to bet money, I believe this new Hellboy and David Harbour’s performance will end up topping the original. No disrespect to Ron and Guillermo. I really do wish we’d gotten one more film to close out their series of films. But here we are. 

Can’t deny how good David looks in costume.

What did you guys think about out first look at the new Hellboy Trailer? Does it look any good? Does it look to be better, especially with its R-rating? Let me know on my Facebook page

Hellboy is set to release in theaters on April 12th 2019.