Aquaman Review from the almight Dave

The trailers worked. They got many of us excited. Now that it’s finally out, was the movie any good? Here’s the all-powerful Dave’s Aquaman Review.

There’s a lot I could say about Aquaman. Aquaman was fun. It was pretty, about as pretty as Avatar. It was silly. It was colorful. It had some great action. And I love Jason Momoa as a person and as Aquaman.

James Wan is still the man.

With all of that said, this movie wasn’t quite my cup of tea.

To give some context, I hold Man of Steel as one of my favorite superhero movies of all time. It wasn’t perfect by far but everything from Henry Cavill as Superman to Hans Zimmer’s score to Supes and Zod’s battle in Metropolis was just downright awesome….and my 7th wife, Faora. 😬

Jason Momoa is such a badass.

Every DC film from then on has been very underwhelming where the script was concerned. Very bad writing for me. BvS was ok but way too many odd choices and missed opportunities. Wonder Woman was decent but with a bad 3rd Act. I’ve totally forgotten about Suicide Squad. Justice League was just…no. Production wise, WB should be ashamed of JL.

I started off having very little faith in Aquaman until the trailers started coming out. Let’s just say they did the job trailers are designed to do and got me very excited.

My Aquaman Review. Because my rating is the only one that matters! XD

Ultimately, it’s simply not for me. Where I found it fun -I both laughed at it and with it – it’s way too much on the corky side. It’s not a BAD movie. Again, it’s a FUN movie. I just wanted more than that.

So, my official rating for Aquaman is….drumroll please….

Anyway, there’s my Aquaman Review. I hope you all see it for yourselves and have a good time with it. Half my frends liked it a lot. If I had it to do over again, I would’ve waited for BluRay.🤷‍♂️