Aladdin Trailer 2 Dropped during the Grammy’s and HA!

Yup, Disney dropped Aladdin Trailer 2 for the live action film during the 2019 Grammy’s today and man I just can’t stop laughing.

Of course, when they released photos some months back, reactions were mixed, especially where Will Smith was concerned. I myself didn’t mind the images.

It’s expected that Will Smith will make the genie character his own and far apart from Robin Williams’ cartoon version. But after seeing this trailer with Will as the purple genie in motion, I have to admit, I burst out in laughter.

Hopefully, everything translates better in the film. But as of right now, he looks so bad I can’t stop laughing.

Look, I’m a HUGE Will Smith fan and I’m always first in line to defend him against the trolls of the internet, even when it concerns his son and wife. I think they’re all great when it comes to acting.

Purple Will Smith in Aladdin Trailer 2.

Let’s just hope this doesn’t end up being one of the worst things in Will’s filmography. Fingers Crossed….HAHA! Sorry.

What did you guys think of the Aladdin Trailer 2?

Aladdin releases in theaters May 24th, 2019