My ‘What Men Want’ Review and Why You Should See It.

Yes, this new romantic comedy What Men Want is legitimately funny but there are a few things holding it back.

For starters, I absolutely love Taraji P. Henson. After her last films – Acrimony and Proud Mary – she really needed and reserved a bigger win.

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Is What Men Want the movie to brighten up her filmography a bit more? I would say so. This movie has some really funny moments. Some of those moments were shown in the trailers but thankfully, not all of them.

What Men Want was a good Romantic Comedy and deserves your time.

What confused me at first was its R rating. Sure, there are a few swear words dropped but I expected more from an r-rated Rom-Com than we got. Like…raunchier sex scenes or…oh I don’t know. It just felt like a hard PG-13. That’s not really a complaint, however.

The only real complaint I have with What Men Want is the 3rd Act. Not so much as the entire 3rd Act but rather how they wrapped the film. It really didn’t have structure, which made for a stretched ending.

When the film “ends”, you’re ready for it to end. But it doesn’t end just yet.
It felt like they had a few endings in mind, went with one (that worked well), but still wanted to cram in the other endings anyway. Once I finished the movie, I felt like it would’ve been so much better if it ended where we thought it did…if that makes sense.

So, what would you rate it?

I’ve decided to switch gears on a few things on my site. One of them being the “rating” system. For several reasons, rating films by numbers just don’t convey my true feelings about it. So, instead of the 1-10 system, I’m just going to say whether I feel you should “Avoid It”, “Give It A Shot”, or “Must See”. With What Men Want, I will say….

I thoroughly enjoyed What Women Want. When I laughed, I laughed good and hearty. And I think when the smoke clears, this film will break even enough to possibly warrant a sequel. Maybe they’ll bring in Mel Gibson for the next one and create a shared universe like everything else….

Neh, maybe that’s a bad idea.