Found this Terminator 6 Update very interesting and it might actually work.

While promoting Alita Battle Angel, James Cameron was kind enough to give us another Terminator 6 Update. A couple in fact.

Terminator 6 Update

In the interview, James Cameron said a few things worth mentioning. We now have a working title, Terminator: Dark Fate. Of course, that sounds cool and old fashion but I like it – even though they may still change it before the film’s release. But is that it?

Nope! The second drop of news, that I’m geeking out about, is that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator is back and is possibly EVIL!

I just hope Sarah doesn’t perish. I don’t want that.

I cannot tell you guys how tired I’ve been of Arnold’s Terminator constantly being the good guy because we all fell in love with the T-800 from T2 Judgement Day. Now, it looks like we’re getting back to the beautiful basics!

There were rumors last year that Gabriel Luna, who plays Ghost Rider on the T.V. show Marvel’s Agents of Shield, would play the new Terminator. Not sure if anything’s changed or even if it’s just a rumor. But I thought that was interesting.

Wait…isn’t that our boy Ghostrider from Agents of Shield?!!

Keep in mind, this new Terminator film will utilize the exceedingly popular “Timeline Reset” Hollywood maneuever, setting things back to Terminator 2, ya know, the last good Terminator movie. (Though Terminator: Salvation happens to be a guilty pleasure of mine)

Cameron says in an interview with IGN,
“Here’s what I can say, Arnold is back, and he is bad. He’s a different Terminator than you’ve ever seen before. Literally…a different chassis number, but he is also a very different guy than you’ve seen before.” 

This Terminator 6 Update has my imagination running all over the place. Is he going to be an aged Terminator unit (like the last film) who’s been tucked away since the T2 events and just now revealing himself? Are they going to CG Arney to look younger again? Ugh! Now I can’t wait to find out!

Some of our cast in Terminator: Dark Fate

What do you guys think? Does this bit of news get you at least a little more excited for Terminator 6? Let me know on my Facebook Page.

Terminator: Dark Fate releases in theaters Nov. 1 2019.