The 3rd Aladdin Trailer has arrived and it changes everything.

If you disliked the first Aladdin trailer, this third trailer may be the charm.

When they released the first two trailers of Aladdin, I was first in line to express my disappointment. Not only did we get nothing to chew on with the main characters of the film, but we were also presented with Will Smith’s first appearance as Genie…and it was awful.

Aladdin and Genie meet for the first time.
Also my face when seeing Genie for the first time.

However, Disney decided to release a new trailer that they should’ve led with. This time, we get to hear some dialogue for the main characters and some real clips of Will and company in action.

This trailer changed everything! See for yourself. 👇

I just love Will Smith. I chuckled a few times watching this trailer just for Will being Will. Still not sure of Jafar though. He doesn’t seem as menacing as I would’ve liked. We’ll just have to wait and see. Aladdin and Jasmine seem to be cast well as far as appearance. Judging by this trailer, they’re performance is looking good too.

Will Smith as Genie showing off his powers in the new Aladdin Trailer
Will Smith as Genie

To sweeten the pie, the classic songs from the original animation seems to be back – A Whole New World and Never Had a Friend. Not sure if this is supposed to be a straight-up musical or just some songs sprinkled in.

Princess Jasmine in the Aladdin Trailer
The Beautiful Princess Jasmine finally speaks

I have to admit, I feel a lot better about this film now. Disney was off to a rough start with marketing the new Aladdin live action film but hopefully they’ve learned their lesson moving forward.

Consider my mind changed. I’m in! What did you guys think of this new Aladdin trailer? Does it make you any more excited for the film? Let me know on my Facebook page.

Disney’s Aladdin releases in theaters May 24th.