The Captain Marvel movie and my Two Cents about it.

Not only did the Captain Marvel movie exceed expectations, but it also hurt some feelings out there in fan land.

Make no mistake, Captain Marvel has had an uphill battle to fight since day one – an unfair one to say the least.

If fans weren’t raving about the MCU’s first female-led movie, they were complaining about the MCU’s first female-led movie. This movie was labeled a feminist agenda project before it even had a chance to prove otherwise.

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On top of the negative anti-SJW nonsense, Brie Larson herself was attacked for making some comments about inclusion. I’m not going to delve too far into it here but it was taken way out of context as usual.

Why So Serious!

After seeing the movie, was Captain Marvel some agenda-pushing feminist film? In my humble opinion, No. I just didn’t get that from the film. Sure, Carol Danvers was a strong woman pushing back against all the things that existed to stop her. Sure, Captain Marvel was a powerful being who must fight against everything she thought she knew. But nothing to say “Hey, look at me I’m better than men because Woman Power!” Nope.

You wanna know what this film was to me? Just another MCU film. I wouldn’t even call it a pit-stop film before Endgame because it did contain some points that were very relevant to the overall MCU story they’ve been telling for almost a decade now. Definitely not as good as the Avengers or Civil War but no worse than Iron 2 or Thor: The Dark World.

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With all of that said, the film kicked some major booty at the box office, racking over $150 million domestically on its first weekend. Not bad for a so-called divisive film. Remember the story about the Rotten Tomatoes rating controversy? What a wonderful outcome.

Best Thing About Captain Marvel

The best thing about Captain Marvel were the scenes with her and Nick Fury. They had very good chemistry. A lot of fans loved the cat for some reason but I didn’t care much at all. Not even when he…performs.

Also Ben Mendelsohn was great in his role. I’m really liking this guy. Sure, he always plays the villain but there’s a point in this film where he’s much more than that and it’s welcomed.

Lashana Lynch was also a treat. She plays Carol Danver’s best friend Maria Rambeau and is in large part responsible for the most touching scene in the film. No really, I almost shed a tear.

It was great to see Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg), Ronan the Accuser (Lee Pace), and Korath (Djimon Hounsou) reprise their roles, even if for cameos at best. But the aging effects they used on Samuel L Jackson were breathtaking. I fully expect to see Hollywood milk those effects in future films and I am here for it!

Oh and the action, especially when Captain Marvel becomes who she was meant to be. Overpowered as one would expect but was fun to witness all the same.

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Worst Thing About Captain Marvel

The core story was pretty weak for me. I found myself not really caring about the stuff I should’ve. The 90’s nostalgia was enjoyable but it just served as a mask for the lacking plot. There is a twist later in the film that I found interesting, but it wasn’t enough to counter the boredom.

An important problem I had with the film was Brie Larson herself. She’s a great actress and all that, but she didn’t work in this film. She came off very…wooden. The problem is more with the direction, I believe. Contrary to the internet trolls, I think Brie is a very beautiful woman as well – with an amazing smile, the kind you have to smile back. But she did not own this roll.

Can She Kick Thanos’ Ass?

Well, Thor essentially kicked Thanos’ ass at the end of Infinity War by burying Storm Breaker into his chest. After seeing what Captain Marvel can do, I would answer Yes. But I really don’t think Thanos is going to be the main problem this time around. I believe the question will be, can Captain Marvel handle whomever stands in the way of undoing the snap? We’ll have to wait and see.

Fandango – Captain Marvel In Theaters Now

What’s The Verdict, Dave?

With all expectations left in the kitchen cabinet and immune to all the trolling and lackluster reviews, I will give Captain Marvel a….drumroll please….

I originally gave it a 7 but felt I had to take half a point off for one reason; I can watch almost every single MCU movie multiple times…except Captain Marvel. When they put it on the Disney Plus streaming service, I may watch it again once. But that’s it.

It was a decent movie. Just not one of your top tier MCU films. And that’s ok. It did get me good and ready for Avengers: End Game, exactly what it was suppose to do.

What did you think of the Captain Marvel movie? Let me know on my Facebook Page. Later!