My Top 10 Avengers Endgame Predictions

Most of us have seen the new Endgame trailer. Now, allow me to share with you my 10 Avengers Endgame predictions. Just for fun.

When I posted my review for Avengers: Infinity War, I got my ass kicked by friends and strangers alike. Writing that article, I knew it was going to be unpopular because the gripes I had couldn’t be more picky.

Being an armchair critic is not my intention. I’m just a fan. And these are the exact same points I make to my friends while we’re just sitting around talking about movies and what I would’ve liked to see instead of what we got.

Let’s be honest for a second here. Standing outside of the brilliance of Kevin Feige and the distribution of Disney, Infinity War could’ve stood for a few tweaks where character development was concerned. Sure, they did a “marvelous” job with juggling the plethora of characters at their disposal. But I can’t help having a problem with not developing the Black Order. This was Thanos’ film for all intents and purposes. And so too should it have been theirs.

Using the first film to develop and carry over a stable of villains like the Black Order and their “father” Thanos would’ve created an intense level of anticipation going into Endgame, not that there already isn’t any.

On the other hand, I must digress and realize that is not the story they’re telling. And once we get through Endgame and finally see where they’re going with it all, I think I’ll be very much satisfied with their decisions.

With that, allow me to give 10 predictions I have for Avengers: Endgame! Some may be obvious to you, some maybe not so much.

1. Thanos Will Die Early

As much as I love Thanos as a villain, I think his job here is done. Like Black Widow said in the first trailer, Thanos did exactly what he set out to do. And he already fought our heroes tooth and nail to do it.

I believe Thor will pay him a visit on whatever planet he retired to, have a conversation about WHY he really decimated the universe, and finish him off with Stormbreaker. Being permanently damaged by the snap, reflecting on killing his adopted daughter, and completing his ultimate goal, he probably won’t even put up a fight.

2. Tony Stark and Captain America Will Survive

I use to believe that the two would definitely bite the dust when all was said and done. But you know what, that’s too easy and expected. I’m starting to believe that Marvel actually wants to end this on a not-so depressing note. Judging by the trailer, Tony obviously survives as we see him walking with the others in the hanger wearing their “X-Men” suits. Marvel’s going to throw us for a loop, one that we can cheer for.

3. Nebula’s Gonna Bite It!

Tony and Steve may survive, but that doesn’t mean that everyone else will. I think more than one will perish, and I believe that Nebula will be one of them. She’s a decent character. I never found her to be all that interesting, nor all that badass.

But her relationship with Gamora and backstory with Thanos does give her some gravitas. I think she’ll fight valiantly in Endgame, even stand as the deciding factor in whatever battle they’re in, but she won’t come out of it in one piece. Which leads me to my next unfortunate prediction.

4. Gamora Ain’t Coming Back

Gamora is a beloved character and I always wanted more from her. Her death in Infinity War was a terrible way to go out. And much to my dismay, I don’t think she’s coming back. Many people have said that she’s inside the soul stone and when the snap is undone, she’ll be freed. I’m here to tell you, that ain’t happening. It’s far too easy to just bring her back. Undoing the dusting is one thing. This was a sacrifice. She Dead, Y’all.

5. Steve and Natasha Reveal Their Relationship

Remember in Infinity War when Falcon said at their reunion scene “This is awkward”. Yea, many have speculated that he’s talking about Steve and Nat as a couple. And I buy that theory. They obviously didn’t touch on it at all in the film, but Endgame may go as far as a PG-13 love-making scene.

Hey look, I’ve been wanting those two to get together since Winter Soldier. The relationship they tried to throw at us between her and Bruce in Age of Ultron just didn’t work for me. She came on way too strong with zero development; made her look desperate. But that’s my unpopular opinion.

6. Tony is the Key to Victory

This is one of those obvious predictions because we all know Dr. Strange traded the time stone for Tony’s life for a reason. Sure, we can chalk it up to being nothing more than a micro event that follows the one and only path to victory out of 14 million possibilities. I believe it’s more than that. As I mentioned, I use to believe that Tony didn’t stand a chance of surviving Endgame and that his sacrifice would be the key. After some thought, however, I think that’s what they want us to think.

7. Shuri is Not Dusted

In the first Endgame trailer, we could see Shuri’s face on the monitor of missing persons. Not buying it. Am I not convinced of her dusting because they didn’t actually show it in Infinity War? Yup! And they made sure to include that scene in Endgame to throw us way off. She’s fine. And she’s going to play a big role in their journey to undo the snap. Man, I could be so wrong. But I’m calling it!

8. Vision Will Return, But As Something Else

Shuri didn’t have time to save Vision in Infinity War and remove the stone from his head when the Black Order attacked Wakanda. But I think she was able to perhaps transfer and salvage enough of Vision’s consciousness to present another form. Sure, that was Vision getting the stone ripped out of his head by Thanos, but perhaps not “all” of him.

9. The Avengers Aren’t just Time Jumping, They’re Reality Jumping

My Top 10 Avengers Endgame Predictions

The hell are you talking about, Dave? Well, I don’t think reversing the snap will be as simple as going back in time, changing some events, and coming back to present day with flowers and world peace awaiting them. I think they’re going to have to fight for a new reality altogether. Now, we’re getting into the ultra-nerdy territory so I’ll keep it short.

This is where I think we’ll get to meet some celestials and even The Living Tribunal. And in these events is where I think Captain Marvel will truly reveal why she’s so relevant to the plot outside of being able to kick everyone’s butt.

10. The Real Villian is Thanos’ reason for the Decimation

Hearing Thanos speak of correcting the balance of the universe led me to think that Thanos may not be completely forthright in his reasoning. It sounds like he’s afraid of something…or better yet, someone. Many have speculated that there’s another villain like Galactus or Kang the Conqueror. I can almost guarantee that it isn’t Galactus. But Kang the Conqueror, now there’s a strong possibility.

Furthermore, I think that whomever this new terror is, he’s the sole reason why Thanos decimated the universe. Because if he didn’t, perhaps this “greater threat” would’ve destroyed the universe entirely, a knowledge that “only he” was privy to. Or the “only one with the will to act on it”. Hmmmm

Welp! Those are my 10 Avengers Endgame Predictions. I might be dead wrong on every last one of them.

Let’s come back to this article after we see the film on April 26th and see just how wrong I am. This should be fun!!