5 Things I Liked and Disliked about Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’.

What started as a home invasion type horror turned out to be something I’ve never seen before. Here are 5 Things I liked and disliked about Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’.

SPOILER ALERT! This video is only for those who’ve already seen ‘Us’

Allow me to start off by saying, I enjoyed ‘Us’. It didn’t scare me as a good horror would but I had about as much fun with it as I did with Get Out. With that said, I’ll cover the Things I liked about ‘Us’.

(1) Lupita’s Performance

Jordan Peele's Us

Lupita Nyong is not one of those overrated actors with great popularity. She’s the real deal. And she really brings it in Us, playing two totally different personalities. All things considered, writing, story and even direction, Lupita was the most enjoyable aspect of this film.

(2) Very Original

When I say I’ve never seen anything like ‘Us’, I’m not kidding. This is a very twisted story told by a mind that is certainly one of a kind. Good or not so good, originality goes a long way in my book. I found the overall story to be brilliant! The motivations, the twist, the threat and the scope all worked very well while being told in a way that only Jordan Peele could.

(3) Funny in the Right Places

If there’s one thing I hate in films, it’s forced comedy. It has to be organic. Comedy, in my opinion, is the single most difficult thing to pull off in any works. Not every attempt will land. Not to say that all attempts in ‘Us’ were executed with perfection, but the ones that did were genuine and level.

(4) Jordan’s Direction

One cannot deny the directorial skill of Jordan Peele. He knows when and where to put in the goods. He knows his audience. And he knows the message he wants to send through his works. If you feel like Jordan’s being overpraised, I would have to humbly disagree and even suggest that you may not understand him. The shear direction of ‘Us’ is one of its glaring qualities.

(5) Jordan’s Protagonists makes it interesting

Last and certainly not least, Jordan Peele’s protagonists work very well. These aren’t your average Curious Georges who inspects every shady noise just begging to be murdered. You can connect with these characters really well. There’s nothing scarier than watching a character do what you would probably do in that particular situation and still pay the price. Beyond that, Jordan’s protagonist fight back! They’re always looking for an opportunity to not only escape but also how to take out the threat. I love that.

Now for the things I disliked about ‘Us’

(1) Winston Duke’s Performance

M’Baku was my favorite character from Black Panther. Since that film, I’ve been yearning for more showings of Winston Duke. But his performance in this film didn’t ultimately work for me. I know what Jordan was going for with his character and he certainly had the right ideas. But the execution left me seeing M’Baku trying to talk and act like someone else. Not saying he can’t act – that wouldn’t be fair to say. This role, however, didn’t work for me.

(2) It wasn’t scary

Being scary isn’t a necessity, but it kinda is when the trailer communicates to me that this is about to be one scary a$$ movie. At no moment in this film was I genuinely afraid; not for myself and not for my characters. There was one moment in the film when I thought one of the main characters would perish, but once it was obvious to the contrary, I was just along for the ride. A good scare would’ve made this movie that much better, given the premise.

(3) Predictable

Ten minutes into the film, I predicted the biggest arch of the story. Granted, I began to question my theory as the film progressed but it then turned right back around and confirmed it in the third act. If only they had left us guessing! This revelation left me wishing they had produced the trailer differently. I’ll go so far to say if we’d never known the antagonists were clones to begin with, this would’ve been a scarier and freakier film by far.

(4) Funny in the Wrong Places

There were several moments my theater erupted in laughter. Most were moments that were not meant to be funny, and that’s a problem. These weren’t situations where a joke didn’t land. These were those situations that meant to freak us out while the story was being fleshed out through dialogue. We were too busy laughing at the execution when we were supposed to be learning the point of this movie.

(5) The Ending

My problem with the ending was not its predictability, but rather it was underwhelming. I don’t think it was a BAD ending. I just wish it was…different. The payoff for what we all just experienced left us with several questions, which is a good thing in a sense. But I was asking questions like, “why didn’t they do THIS instead of THAT?”

There you have it folks. My 5 Likes and Dislikes for Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’.

If I were to rate this film, I would give it a strong….drumroll please…

It’s not a perfect film, but it works. I would even say I liked it better than Get Out. Jordan Peele deserves all the praise he’s getting because he certainly brings something new to the table of film-making. Moving forward, I’m very excited to see what more he produces.

See ‘Us” for yourselves and tell me what you think on my Facebook Page. Later!