The Joker Film Final Trailer | I’m Sold!

The Joker film starring Joaquin Phoenix is almost upon us. And this latest and final trailer has me very excited about it.

There are bound to be skeptics over the direction this film seems to be taking. Artsy and Dramatic are the first terms that come to mind about this new take on the Batman villain. A movie taking place in the Batman world without Batman himself in all his glory? This can’t be right.

Well, I myself appreciate the departure. It’s a risk, no doubt. But great things never happened without great risk.

The Joker Film Final Trailer
Joaquin is gonna kill it!

The big guys are already talking about doing a sequel to The Joker Film and it’s not even out yet. Now, that’s confidence.

Don’t be surprised if this movie ends up getting nominated for an oscar.

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US Release Date: October 4, 2019
Starring: Zazie Beetz, Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro
Directed By: Todd Phillips
Synopsis: Film will center on how the popular comic book villain known as The Joker came to be.