MCU’s WandaVision show is going to be a sitcom?

The WandaVision show is one of many projects Marvel has in store for Disney Plus. But the more we hear about it, the stranger it gets.

Last time we saw Vision, he was killed in Avengers Infinity War…twice. When Wanda returned from the “Decimation”, she had it out for Thanos in the final battle of Avengers Endgame.

She made it to us and to the Mad Titan himself that she was plenty powerful enough to destroy him. So, what’s next for Wanda? Well, from what I can tell, she’s living some sort of fantasy with some kind of incarnation with the love of her life, Vision.

Scarlet Witch returns for the WandaVision show set to premiere on Disney Plus.
She was out for blood

WandaVision looks to do something very different. I’m here for different. I can only guess that this show will somehow set up the Doctor Strange sequel, which has been confirmed to include Wanda/Scarlet Witch in a big way. The Multiverse of Madness? Yea, I think that says it all. Things are about to get weird.

Check out the video before by IGN and let’s see what the creative team has to say out this WandaVision show or sitcom…or whatever it is.