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Infinity Gauntlet Class of Infinite Power Ring
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PRE-ORDER: Wave 1: Ships in early June if you ordered 5/4/18 or before.

Wave 2: Ships in early July if you ordered after 5/4/18. A ring that might “accidentally” (and violently) remake reality.

Seller –Folks we finally did it — we took shards of infinitely powerful Infinity Stones and affixed them to a golden ring carved from the cooling hardening shell of a dying neutron star. Why did we create the Infinity Gauntlet Class of Infinite Power Ring? Because someone has to counter Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet and someone else (me specifically) feels bad about passing on their class of ’91’ high school ring.  Oh Fleetwood High — how I miss thee but never long to revisit thee. Wait a second. Is it really fixed with Infinity Stones and layered with an invincible star-forged exterior?? No, but our EXCLUSIVE Infinity War class ring — based on Avengers Infinity War the beloved indie film with a limited theatrical run– features exquisite materials careful engravings and glistening faux-Infinity Stones.

Let’s break it down: Stainless steel exterior layered in an antique gold finish applied through the “Ion Plating” process (yes that’s a thing and I’ll tell you all about it). Ion Plating is a process where the surface requiring plating is bombarded by atomic-sized energetic particles. Ion plating is used to deposit hard coatings onto watches jewelry etc. Contains fragments of each and every (known) Infinity Stone! Okay, they’re not actual Infinity Stones — the center stone the larger Mind Stone is made from a solid yellow glass and the surrounding stones are constructed from cubic zirconium. The engraved names of each and every Infinity Stone! On either side of the band elevated lettering denotes the names/abilities of each Infinity Stone: POWER! MIND! SOUL! REALITY! SPACE! TIME! Our carefully sized and constructed Infinity War class ring perfectly represents Thanos’ wearable implement of mass destruction while salving your irrational need to endure another disastrous high school reunion.”